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Intertwining Satisfactions: My Favorite Issue

Sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction. You see a difference, right? I do. When I tell people that I study the intertwined nature of these two constructs, some people look at me like, “well…duh…they are the same”. They aren’t the same. They are related. And one feeds into the other like a cycle. If sex sucks, the relationship will eventually suffer. If the relationship is on the rocks, you likely aren’t getting great sex.

I’ve done a lot of research in this area and I plan to continue to build my research around this issue. To me, one comes with the other. Even if you are in a casual relationship, I think that the quality of that casual relationship will contribute to the sexual satisfaction. Providing the communication is open and both parties agree to the conditions of the ‘relationship’ – it is a relationship. If that’s going well…the sex will go well too. If it isn’t, at least one member will see it in the satisfaction of the sex.

I think I’ve made my case.

Anyway, I’ll likely write about this a lot in my blog simply because it is such a huge part of my research interest. But for now, I’ve written a blog about it on Kinsey Confidential, so you can check it out here.


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