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Love Lives and Journaling

Sometimes, I write in a journal. It is a new-age journal…on my computer…a word file. None of that pink diary with a lock and key that we grew up with. I don’t write in it very often, but I feel like I should more than I do.

One of my best friends also has a journal (sorry for the disclosure, roomie), and the other day we got some amazing laughs out of looking back on what we had written in months past. So, if for no other reason, write in a journal so you can look back and laugh at how melodramatic you were.

Another reason it is important is related to relationships. One of my most recent posts (which was written over 2 years ago…shows how often I visit my journal) was just before my big ex and I broke it off. I expressed being incredibly unhappy. I expressed that he treated me like crap. I expressed that I wanted so much more for my life than he could provide. I wrote a number of times that I felt like it needed to end. The reason this is important is because once it actually happened, I got so caught up in it that I totally forgot any of that! In the emotionally-charged breakup, I completely forgot that I wanted to break up. That there were real reasons. It actually wasn’t until just the other day, reading it, that I remembered. So, my advice to you is to write down what you’re feeling so you remember why the breakup happened in the first place. I’m glad I did.

The most recent post I had brought laughter…I had written last Valentine’s Day…how typical. The single girl writes in her journal on Valentine’s Day. It was so melodramatic, talking about how I need to enjoy friends and forget about boys…blah blah blah. But it did show me that I have a 3-year-long pattern of ordering in and eating a small pizza to myself on Valentine’s Day. Actually, sounds pretty damn delicious to me…


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