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Techies Beware

My friends and I often express our dread of the relationships that become entirely technological. It is so easy to do these days. I mean, with text, facebook, twitter, email, and online stalking in general, it is really quite easy to begin a relationship with someone entirely based upon technological means. I refuse though. If someone can’t call me (even though, I know, that is using technology), then they aren’t really worth it.

Pick up the phone. To dial a number and use your voice. Not to text…not to email…and certainly, please, not to poke.

I blogged about this issue on Kinsey Confidential today, so you can check that out here. I think it is just really important that when it comes to forming any sort of meaningful relationship (friendship, romantic, sexual, whatever…), pick up the phone and call. A voice says a lot more than the touch of a few fingers on some keys (I’m avoiding making a number of inappropriate dirty jokes here…). Stopping.


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