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Depersonalizing the Personal

As I mentioned in my last post, I found it difficult with FOX to make my writing more relatable, without disclosing personal details of my own sex life. Some sex researchers are comfortable disclosing personal details, and I salute them for that. I’m just not able to do it. I want to be known for my research and insights, and would like to keep my personal sexual experiences private.

Not only that, but I recently had a friend tell me that he didn’t know what to think about how I would react if he said he had feelings for me because I would look at him as “one of the nameless faceless subjects in [my] readings” because my view when I write seems so impartial. The combination of hearing him say that and being asked by FOX to make my writing more relatable certainly got me thinking.

So, now I’m struggling with how to improve my writing to seem more relatable and “warm” without disclosing personal details of my own sex life. I’m sure there is a way to do that…I mean, famous sexpert Sue Johanson certainly didn’t disclose her own sexcapades to those she educated, yet she touched upon many personal topics.

I’m sure it will be a growing process that could take time. But I’m pretty determined to try and strike that balance of warmth and privacy when writing on a topic that so many can relate to on such a personal level…including myself.


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