HOT: Gifts that keep on giving

Remember when you were young and would get excited about the holiday season’s newest toy?

As an adult, there is no reason you should miss out. Once you’ve been with your lover for a while, it can sometimes be tough to come up with gift ideas for every occasion. This holiday, why not surprise her with something to make you both happy? If you know what to expect and what you’re shopping for, gift shopping in an adult store doesn’t have to be intimidating or embarrassing. 

If you are a virgin to the sex toy playground and you’re unsure about how well this type of gift will go over with your partner, you can stick to something traditional.

Most sex shops sell great massage oil and lube. If you plan to double your massage oil as a lubricant when things get frisky, you should purchase a water-based lube and use it for massage. Oil-based lubes and massage oils will break down latex in condoms and will also break down some sex toys – stick to a water-based product. JO and WET both make superb water-based lubes that can double as massage oil, both of which can be found locally at the Stag Shop or Tender Trap.

If massage and lube is old news but sex toys are new, you can start with something simple such as the bullet. The bullet is a small vibrating device that lacks the intimidation factor – and it can be used for pleasure on both of you. It is shaped just like an oversized bullet, usually no larger than your pinkie finger. It vibrates enough to make you tingle even when it sits in your hand – it’s a great toy for the curious beginner.

For more experienced sex toy fanatics, there are many phallic shaped toys to choose from. Some are the size of your forearm, but bigger does not mean better. If you want to surprise your partner with a dildo of some kind, try to find one that is life-like in size and texture. A vibrating life-like dildo is a popular choice by women at many sex stores, and may be an excellent way to combine the benefits of vibration with size.

To get a little more risque, anal toys may be appealing for the adventurous couple. If you’re new to anal play, a butt plug is a good choice. It can be very pleasurable for the male or female, and is relatively fool-proof to use. Be sure to thoroughly clean the toys before and after use.

When it comes down to it, if you really can’t see yourself walking into a sex store in your hometown, you can always shop online. All reputable sex stores will ship directly to your home in a non-descript package within about 48 hours of ordering. There are a few really great Canadian companies that cater to shipping in Canada such as Sex Shop Canada, Stag Shop and Come As You Are. All three of those stores online offer discrete shipping and provide extensive information about their products online.

Overall, don’t let the sex store intimidate you. The staff is usually very open, helpful, and non-judgmental. Although there has been a stigma to sex shops, recent research suggests women, in particular, are turning to sex toys as a liberating shopping experience.

It could well be the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season.

This post was originally on The London Free Press.


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