Early Years of Marriage…

I’m at that age where the large majority of my friends are either married, engaged to be married, or in relationships where marriage is pretty much inevitable. I know, sounds horrible…haha…but no, I love most of their partners as much as them at this point, and very few of them are the vomit-inducing type of couple that you’re (you being the single people out there) thinking of.

In fact, just tonight I had dinner with one of my girlfriends who got married within the past year. I ask how they are doing, and she responds with something along the lines of “He’s a little shitter who acts like he’s 21…” and went on to give me a little taste of what she was talking about. What I loved about every second of listening to her was that, regardless of her complaining, she was so clearly in love with him! It didn’t matter that on the surface she seemed miserable hating her husband. Deep down, I could see that she was so happy and in love.

I guess I’m really lucky to be surrounded by a lot of girlfriends with really great guys as their partners. Then again, they are in the early years, and I’m sure we will have lots of ups and downs to be there for each other through when it comes to relationships…


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